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Forwarding Tanel's letter to wikimedia-l about European Science Photo
Congrats to all who made the contest possible!

Best regards,

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Popularization of Science Award in Estonia
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Hello everyone,

Today, I have some good news of both local and regional importance to
share. On 23 November, Estonian Research Council[1] handed out this
year’s *Popularization
of Science Awards*. The awards are given out by Estonian Research Council
and Estonian Academy of Sciences with the support of Estonian Ministry of
Education and Research to recognize the efforts of groups and individuals
who have successfully worked towards popularizing science and the work of
scientists and making it accessible to the general public. This year,
prize in the Popularization of Science and Technology Using Audiovisual and
Electronic Media* category was awarded to the *European Science Photo
Competition*[2] held on Wikimedia Commons in November 2015. The award was
received by *Ivo Kruusamägi*[3], initiator and organizer of the
competition, as well as a prolific Wikipedian and a member and volunteer of
Wikimedia Estonia.

The 2015 European competition was inspired by Estonian Science Photo
Competition[4], first held on Wikipedia in 2011. WMEE can't thank Ivo
enough for his hard work; hopefully, only the sky is the limit for the
Science Photo Competition.


Tanel Pern


[1] http://www.etag.ee/en/
[3] https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Kruusam%C3%A4gi
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