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Dear colleagues,

Please see the invitation to take the Community (Tech) Wishlist Survey
below.  It is one of the most practical ways to influence what (a small
part of) WMF Engineering is working on.

See the latest status report on *last* year's wishlist, to see how concrete
outcomes resulted from it:


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Hi everyone,

The second annual Community Wishlist Survey starts today, and you're
invited to post proposals for projects that you'd like WMF's Community Tech
team to work on:


The Community Tech team builds features and makes changes that active
Wikimedia contributors want, and the Wishlist Survey sets the team's agenda
for the year.

The Wishlist Survey starts with a two-week proposal period, when
contributors from all Wikimedia projects are invited to post, discuss and
improve propsals. After that, there's a two-week voting period, when
everyone can post support-votes on the proposals that they think are
worthwhile. We end up with a ranked list of wishes, measured by the
participants' enthusiasm for each idea.

Community Tech is responsible for addressing the top 10 wishes on the list,
as well as some top wishes from smaller groups and projects that are doing
important work, but don't have the numbers to get their proposal into the
top 10. The Wishlist is also used by volunteer developers and other teams,
who want to find projects to work on that the community really wants.

So I hope that everybody comes and participates; it's an opportunity to set
the agenda for a Wikimedia Foundation product team.

We would also ask that you help us spread the word. Please do post on your
wikis and tell others this is happening, and that if they don't feel
comfortable writing in English, proposals are welcome in any language.
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