[WMCEE-l] falasnter. partnership

falanster.by falanster.by at gmail.com
Sun Oct 25 22:20:10 CET 2015

Hello Kaarel,

I have one request for you. Now I and Sviatlana seek organization which
can be our partner and send us invitation for multi (!) schengen viza in EU.

It is no problem to get one entrance shengen visa in Belarus. But multi
schengen usually need to have cooperation with other EU organizations.
It is possible to do it between Falanster and Estonian Wikimedia. The
multi visa helps us to avoid bureaucratic repetition and make our
organization more vibrant.

Can we talk with you as with an Estonian wikimedia representer about
this issue?

Also we have an idea... may be for your affiliate will be interested to
make a meetup with topic: how to develop Wikipedia for chapters with
small native speakers community (together, in next year). It can be not
a big one-day event. I think the topic can be interested for Latvian and
Lithuanian guys as well.

Best regards,
Mikhail Volchak

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