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Ivo Kruusamägi ivo.kruusamagi at gmail.com
Fri Oct 16 02:42:39 CEST 2015

Hi everyone!

Some Q&A round about soon to come European Science Photo Comp

*1) Are you still looking for local teams? Yes we are!*
Someone should carry out the sub-competitions and organize sufficient
promotion. You can all ask around on if your country has a person (or more)
for this. Or step up yourself. Minimum goal is just to set up a local jury
who would take care of the image selection process.

*2) May we skip this year? No way that's gonna happen.*
There isn't any good reason to repeat this competition next year. What's
the point of even setting up prizes if there would be two half-held
competitions? Better to have one and do it big. This isn't WLM. The rate of
new good images emerging yearly in this field also isn't that high. So:
everyone will participate. Only difference is if you will participate
actively or in a default mode.

*3) Is there a time to do promotion? Yes there is.*
We are mainly aiming for images that are already there. That's why there
isn't even a need to start the promotion before November (but it clearly
doesn't do harm to start early). We want people to upload what they have
and encourage them to take more images in the future.

*4) But we don't have money /time to ask stuff from WMF? Well, you don't
need to.*
It's a competition. Sponsors should be the ones paying for this stuff and
not you. If you haven't learned that out by now, then this is the chance.
There are plenty of organizations and companies who are willing to give
prizes and/or money. Just go and ask.

*5) What information is needed about local competition?*
Local competition subpages should be set up with the information about who
are the local jury members, what (special) prizes will be given out and who
to contact with problems or information. Rest of the information is already
present in the international competition page. NB! Don't forget to add the
big red button named "Press here to upload your photos".

*6) How should we set up the jury?*
I'd recommend to include at least one professional photographer, a science
journalist, a wikipedian who is competent in photo related stuff and some
scientists in from different fields who know a bit about photography.
It isn't going to be problem if some images presented to the competition
will be from topics unknown to jury members. Description should be the
thing that makes it clear how special it is or isn't and jury still needs
to find images that are visually stunning and have some wow-effect related
to them (this is a photo competition you know!). It is just the same in
nature photo competition: no-one cares on how difficult it was to make that
image (only the author knows that anyway). Question is about what story
this image has for the audience.

*7) What is the expected outcome of the competition?*
I would expect the total number of submission somewhere around 30k (but the
numbers per country would of course differ substantially and the end number
would be greatly dependent on what counties would have local
organization/promotion groups and which ones would not).
This is an excellent event to get some media attention, so please use it!
I'd also expect that this would help to set up some cooperation with local
organizations, get some good contacts with companies who are willing to
sponsor Wikipedia-related activities and speed up some university

As a conclusion. We are perfectly positioned to carry out huge low cost
photographic events. European Science Photo Competition could be just like
that. So, do some promotion and set up a local jury. Already that would
make ESPC the biggest science photo competition ever held. Help us to reach
for the starts!

With regards
Ivo Kruusamägi
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