[WMCEE-l] Tool for translators / help for CEE Spring

Ivo Kruusamägi ivo.kruusamagi at gmail.com
Fri Mar 27 02:12:11 CET 2015

Hi everyone!

I'd like to make a short intro for Minority Translate tool
<http://translate.keeleleek.ee/wiki/Main_Page> (MT) and ask you to test it.

As MT is designed for a quick content creation via rapid translation of big
number of articles, then it should be rather useful for CEE Spring

*Using/ testing this tool:*
1) make sure that you have the newest java installed (
2) download the program (http://translate.keeleleek.ee/download/)
3) start the program and select your preferences (like program language and
wikis you want to use [just type in language code (like "ru") and press
4) Add stuff for translation ("Articles" --> "Add..."). Example: select
"Add Article List", take "English" as from-language and start typing in "100
great Estonians of the 20th century
After pressing "Ok" it would load in all of the articles in that list from
English Wikipedia that exist there.
5) Start translating.
6) When an article has been translated, then press "upload" (log-in
required; program will upload articles under your own account and
automatically add links to Wikidata)
7) Translate more.

* "Pull" is for quick copy (it can also do predetermined replacements; see
from preferences).
* "Snippets" is there to give a helping hand if you want to user some parts
of text repeatedly (categories, templates, similar sentences). Just copy
this part of text under one snippet and call it out by pressing "Ctrl+nr"
* "Align" allows to compare the translated text with original (or make the
translation right there)
* "Tag" adds special markings (like "CEE Spring in Ukraine"). It would soon
be possible to filter the translations based on tags given and therefor
create automatic lists of tagged articles (example: articles created within
one event).
* "Filtering" is there to hide the content you don't want to see while
doing translations (test it!).
* It is possible to save sessions and continue later from the same spot.

Lot of stuff is still in development. For example, April version should
include autocomplete functionality and May version link-checking, special
character table and search. June version should have dictionary and speller
support. etc.

NB! The program is still in beta phase. Please inform me about all of the
bugs that you find. If you have some special wishes for future development,
then I'm all ears.

With regards,
Ivo Kruusamägi
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