[WMCEE-l] Own country

Jernej Polajnar jernej.polajnar at kabelnet.net
Sat Mar 21 11:57:20 CET 2015

A question on the principle: each community will have one week when it 
is time for their own country. Usually, content about own country is 
most developed to begin with, so writing about it misses the point of 
this competition - improving coverage of neglected areas. Luckily, there 
is almost always at least two countries per week in the new schedule, 
but Russians won't have anything to contribute when it is their turn.

Should we just count articles about own country the same anyway, exclude 
such contributions, or think of something else? I was thinking about 
encouraging people to write about their country in other participating 
Wikipedias (if they know the language, of course) - so their 
contributions would count twice, both in their home wiki and in the 
other one.

Your thoughts are welcome.


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