[WMCEE-l] Final schedule?

Bahar Oğuzertem / Бахар Оузэртэм bahar.o at gmail.com
Wed Mar 18 19:21:15 CET 2015

Hi everybody,

I would first like to introduce myself as I'm new on the mailing list. My
name and username are Bahar and I will be one of the two coordinators for
CEE Spring 2015 on Turkish Wikipedia. Interestingly, my name also means
spring in Turkish.

I noticed that some countries are actually missing even though they have
provided structure lists such as Greece, Lithuania, Russia, Slovakia and
Turkey on the suggested timeframe.

After sending out an invite to active users to join the contest a week ago
(we will be holding it as a collaboration project due to non-existent
funds), we have seen an unexpected phenomenon which is users have already
started creating articles. So far there have been a variety of countries'
(not only bordering) articles created as you can see on our local page when
you scroll down.


I'm planning on posting a weekly update on which countries we could write
more about on our local page. I suggest we leave it up to local Wikipedias
to decide and see which works better and next time we can alter the
project. Perhaps share our findings at Wikimania 2016.

Best regards,

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