[WMCEE-l] Hungarian institute

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Tue Mar 17 10:19:35 CET 2015

My fellow friends,
Just to inform you, I've just returned from the meeting with the Hungarian institute in Prague.
1) They like the idea o CEE Spring contest. They got quite lost in the beginning (with the 2 categories system), but once explaned, they caught up.
2) HI see Wikipedia as an important thing
3) Hungarian institute would like to make a contest with us in the future. However, once I mentioned that we don't have enough workforce to do 2 special categories for CEE Spring, we concluded that this should take place in the future (they would like to focus it on the Versailles treaty, which I see as an important and also interesting topic to the public that is interested in history). 
4) We focused on promotion of CEE Spring, they said they would like to use their own channels to do that, FB included.
5) In the end some examples of publishing content to Commons under CC was mentioned as a good example what can be also done....
But basically they are OK to support us here in the Czech Republic, which is exactly what I wanted. I also pointed out (surprisingly) that WMHU arranged a special category about Polish history/culture like we have here...
This text is posted here in case you would like to contact similar institutions in your countries - to see that it might work...

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