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Hi Jan,

Yes. The initial idea was to reward the best contributors from Wikimedia
CEE Spring 2015 participation in the camp. However, we have not defined it
yet whether we are going to reward all vacancies for the best contributors
in the project or we are going to also invite other Wikimedians who can
bring their experience in organising the scheduled events. It is a valid
matter of discussion and I hope we will make the most appropriate decision.

Best regards,

On Wed, Mar 4, 2015 at 3:11 PM, <aktron at centrum.cz> wrote:

> Kiril,
> Do I believe correctly, that CEE contest participants would be rewarded
> with a participation on this event or not?
> Thx.
> Aktron
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> Dear friends,
> I am pleased to inform you that the Executive Board of Shared Knowledge
> unanimously approved the proposal to organise the CEE Wiki Camp 2015 in
> Macedonia this summer.
> The idea originates from the success of Wiki Camp Vanadzor 2014 which took
> place in Armenia. CEE WIki Camp 2015 is planned to be a gathering of people
> from all countries across the CEE region, who will work together on
> deepening the mutual cooperation and promoting the values of the Wikimedia
> movement through participating in public events (e.g. educational
> workshops, edit-a-thons), organising Wikiexpeditions and photographic
> hunts, visiting GLAM institutions and collaborating on other activities
> that will benefit the global community.
> From the very beginning, it is important to define the following important
> aspects for this event: 1) participation, 2) dates, 3) scope and 4)
> funding. I will make a brief overview for all of these aspects. Your
> comments are welcome!
> *Participation. *CEE Wiki Camp 2015 is planned as a successive event of
> the CEE WIki Spring 2015, which will gather the best contributors in the
> project from every participating country in the region. We plan to
> accommodate 50-60 people or about 2-3 persons per country.
> *Dates*. The determination of the dates for the camp depends on the
> schedule of other events concerning the region and the global movement such
> as:
> * CEE Wiki Spring 2015 (21 March-31 May 2015);
> * Serbian Wiki Conference 2015 (spring 2015);
> * Wiki Camp 2015 in Armenia (21 June-4 July 2015 and 16-29 August 2015);
> * Wikimania 2015 (15-19 July 2015).
> It is apparent that the best period for organising the camp is the end of
> July and the beginning of August. Your thoughts on the number of days are
> particularly appreciated since it will help us determine the exact dates
> for the camp.
> *Scope*. As stated in the introduction above, the camp will involve
> various mission-aligned activities such as workshops, edit-a-thons,
> photographic hunts, Wikiexpeditions, sightseeing tours and visiting of GLAM
> institutions. Depending on the time available, we will make a schedule that
> will include as many single events as possible.
> *Funding*. Our plan is to request a grant from the WMF to cover most of
> the expenses for the camp. We would also appreciate any support from the
> chapters in the region.
> We are going to create the corresponding pages on Meta in the following
> days, where we can move on with the discussions regarding the camp. Please
> also do not forget this mailing list!
> Best regards,
> Kiril Simeonovski
> President of Shared Knowledge
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