[WMCEE-l] Content Translation tool for CEE Spring?

Mykola Kozlenko mycola-k at ukr.net
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I have some concerns about "tool works good", as machine translation tools will never be perfect. 
We have quite a lot of experience with article contests in Ukraine, and machine translations are usually the worst things you can find. The issue is that machine translations from close languages (e.g. Russian or Belorussian to Ukrainian) cannot be spotted immediately as structure of sentences is usually correct. However, when you start reading, you will often find some crazy mistakes, mostly completely inappropriate words (e.g. an article about biology translated using military terminology). In many cases we end up getting negative feedback from readers who say that some of the articles are unreadable due to machine translation mistakes and that they prefer reading original articles instead (say, Russian or Belorussian in our case). Thus in previous contests machine translated articles were disqualified unless they were proofread by the end of the contest. 
While I agree that good translation tool is helpful, we need to get some protection from users who will do a machine translation without proofreading. Is there a way, for example, to prevent a user from saving the article in main namespace before he has proofread the entire article? Or probably can we tag translations which were not proofread by humans? Otherwise we are afraid of being flooded by badly translated articles. 
Best regards, Mykola aka NickK WMUA 
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If this tool works good, it will be very useful 


2015-01-30 1:34 GMT+01:00 Anna Koval < akoval at wikimedia.org > : 
Hello CEE. :) 
Happy news to share. :) 
I had a very productive talk with WMF's Language Engineering team today.  
*Learned more about their content translation tool.  
*Told them about CEE Spring.  
*Added a request to Phabricator to add the tool to CEE languages as a beta feature.  
If you are on Phabricator, please add yourself to the task. If you are not on Phabricator, you can create an account by signing in with your Wikipedia credentials.  
The language team is very excited about the potential of their tool on our project and they will be looking for testers.  
You can read more about the content translation tool on the Wikimedia blog and watch a video demonstration of it there too.  
Anna Koval, M.Ed. Manager, Wikipedia Education Program Wikimedia Foundation +1.415.839.6885 x6729 akoval at wikimedia.org education.wikimedia.org 
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