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We definitely should not exclude articles that are not on our lists. Lists should be just a good guideline - as many people noticed, it is quite hard to find 10 most famous Albanians if you have little prior knowledge of the country. Of course, all relevant articles should be accepted, no matter whether they are on the list or not. 
Mykola aka NickK 

27 січня 2015, 01:44:27, від Kiril Simeonovski < kiril.simeonovski at gmail.com >: 

I agree with Mykola. It would be much better to focus on relevant topics rather than well written articles. Our readers do not take into account the quality of articles when searching for topics of interest nor it becomes more accessible if it's in s good shape. From my experience, there are many quality articles (FAs or GAs) with very little page views compared to articles with much worse quality but covering more relevant topics. 
In general, the lists of articles are good guidelines but they don't prevent some users to edit articles that are not listed. What are we going to do then? I suppose that we're not going to punish them and disregard their contribution. 
Best regards, Kiril 

On Tuesday, January 27, 2015, Mykola Kozlenko < mycola-k at ukr.net > wrote: 
I do not think that we should promote only well written articles from other wikis - in many cases well-written articles are not the most important ones. For example, you can easily have articles about all largest cities that are neither GA nor FA but obviously interesting abroad, and articles about small towns having FA status but hardly known outside the country. 
Speaking of new articles, having the top-100 vital articles per country is a good way to promote diversity of topics covered. For example, Ukrainian Wikipedia is likely to have good articles on Poland or Moldova, but little chances of having good articles about Turkey or Albania. Thus if some countries are well-covered by default, it would be great to focus on those where coverage is rather poor. 
Mykola aka NickK WMUA 

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No, I'd create general categories and list examples of well written articles under each one of them. Btw I think (as mentioned above) that most of the new articles on each and every "CEE wiki" is about something CEE related (and mostly "local") anyways. If those would be chanelled in, the 1000 new articles/wiki could be a reachable goal but then how would you determine if one article was created because of the event or not.. Balázs 2015.01.26. 17:49, "Jernej Polajnar" < jernej.polajnar at kabelnet.net > ezt írta: 
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