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Sat Jan 3 15:47:30 CET 2015

Yes, a good idea indeed. And here we come with appoing the jury. I've been in touch with Wikimedia Poland when it comes to a mutual editing contest; they like our idea, but generally yes... getting volunteers that will spend their time in jury, that will be hard.
Let's see.
Jan Loužek - Aktron
Wikimedia Czech Republic
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> Předmět: [WMCEE-l] WMCEE Spring 2015
Dear all,As a follow-up to a very busy and laborious evening session of WMCEE 2014 meeting in Bochka Pivna Pab on the 19th of December, I would like to present an extremely rough draft of a sprouting idea about WMCEE collaboration spring. Questions, comments, specifications, elaborations or other type of contributions are more than welcome!Best regards,
Kaarel Vaidla
Wikimedia Eesti
Executive Director


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