[WMCEE-l] Meeting - mutual collaboration program

Michal Matúšov michal.matusov at wikimedia.sk
Wed Oct 23 14:57:59 CEST 2013



There was some interesting ideas about mutual collaboration which we
could use in CEE region. I PLEASE FOR YOUR REACTION as on them depends
how deep we could go during the conference. 

Wiki Loves (something) - monuments / earth / (public) art etc. We have
lists on our Wikipedias but we are some time planing to move the items
to Wikidata. Then will be much more simple to use the same lists on many
Wikipedias. We can collaborate on this and import list for example of
our neighbours, as there is much bigger notability for local community
and possibility of interest for contest (I tried to upload photo to WLM
AT but it was pain in the tail for me..). Of course, not import them
during the conference. 

Reciprocal writing of wikipedia articles about another country /
culture. It was presented during Armenia WikiConference and sound good.
Some wiki communities can be interested about this. Do you know details?
Do you think that this can work for your community (I am sure that not
for all)? 

Raul Veede proposed moderated discussion "Don't do this at home".
Basically it stands on presenting own errors and learning from errors of
another. It needs some pre-preparation of all participants, i.e.
collecting some "best" errors and presenting them during the session. It
can help prevent doing the same error again and again and as Raul said:
"It's much more fun if your mistakes are original." Please prepare some
you nice errors or contact directly Raul. 

Session about "Things in commons" was proposed too but its proposer will
not attend the conference. But if someone want to lead it, its free now
(and contact me). 

Levon Azizian proposed very specific speak, about changing bylaw in
WMUA. It can be interesting for chapters which need / want to change
bylaw but generally it is very specific and juristical. Is someone
interested about this topic? 

Pleas let us know about you opinion about these proposals. 

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