[WMCEE-l] WM CEE Meeting - registration form

Michal Matúšov michal.matusov at wikimedia.sk
Sun Oct 13 14:34:41 CEST 2013



The registration form for Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2013 have been published

Please register all candidates for attending. Then official
representative of you organisation confirm to my mail that they are
really official attendants. In case of community representative please
provide a link to on-wiki discussion confirming community election or

Hoping many of you see soon in Slovakia! 

PS: This massage was sent to participating organisations and to the
mailing list. 

Michal Matúšov
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[1] http://wikimedia.sk
[2] http://www.facebook.com/WikimediaSK
[3] https://twitter.com/WikimediaSK
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