[WMCEE-l] Vienna to Modra by mostly train

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There is a bus available too:
http://www.slovaklines.sk/fileadmin/user_upload/cestovne_poriadky/pal/102422.pdf <http://www.slovaklines.sk/fileadmin/user_upload/cestovne_poriadky/pal/102422.pdf>
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> Předmět: [WMCEE-l] Vienna to Modra by mostly train
Having been to Bratislava before, the bus station is not one of those places I particularly want to hang around. If it can at all be avoided, that is my goal.On Thursday, I am leaving from the Wien HBF to Modra and I am going by the following route if anyone wants to try to meet me there:DátumOdkiaľ/Prestup/KamPrích.Odch.Pozn.Spoje14.11.Wien Hbf 13:21 RR 2520 Bratislava hl.st <http://hl.st/>.14:2714:38 REx 733 Javorník 2. Šenkvice15:0015:01 Presun asi 5 min Šenkvice,,žel.st <http://el.st/>.>15:05 Bus 108403 57 X Modra,,Štúrova ul.15:15    Celkový čas 1 hod 54 min, vzdialenosť 97 km
Sincerely,Laura Hale-- blog: ozziesport.com <http://ozziesport.com/>


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