[WMCEE-l] Getting from Vienna to Modra. Please provide information.

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Laura, as you will arrive by plane you maybe would like to prefer the
section about plains

Our translator Matej Grochal is working on the travel information, but
now you can use

We can provide a pick-up but it is only back-up option and it is
preferred to pick-up from maximal distance of Bratislava. As Vienna have
very good connection (even every hour even from the airport!) and the
pick-up is not cheap we will not provide a pick-up from Vienna. 


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10.11.2013 13:21 odosielateľ napísal: 

> Hi, 
> Can the organizers provide more information at https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_CEE_Meeting_2013/Conference#By_train [2] about this? Others are coming in via Vienna, so I am sure they will have the same issues. 
> It appears that at least 6 of us are arriving via Vienna on Thursday, would it be possible for someone in Slovakia to arrange a pickup at the Vienna Airport? 
> The 100% easiest way to get from Vienna to Bratislava is via train. The problem is when you get to Bratislava, https://maps.google.com.au/maps?q=Mlynsk%C3%A9+nivy,+Bratislava-Old+Town,+Slovakia+to+811+04+Bratislava-Old+Town,+Slovakia&saddr=Mlynsk%C3%A9+nivy,+Bratislava-Old+Town,+Slovakia&daddr=811+04+Bratislava-Old+Town,+Slovakia&hl=en&ie=UTF8&sll=48.144631,17.141306&sspn=0.016752,0.042272&geocode=Ffeg3gIdOo4FASnxJTt2JYlsRzGqnjdbUdel4g%3BFcHc3gId7dQEASk9R9jMUIlsRzGFgBLp1EvGxQ&t=m&z=14 [3] indicates the train station is about 6km away from the train station. 
> What is the dead simplest way to get from Vienna to Bratislava? Please understand, I speak 5 words of Slovak and having lived there, I did not run across many people who spoke English. I am nervous about trying to ask directions and the lack of information by the organizers. 
> As it appears that at least 6 of us are arriving via Vienna on Thursday, would it be possible for someone in Slovakia to arrange a pickup at the Vienna Airport? 
> Sincerely, 
> Laura Hale
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