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Manuel Schneider manuel.schneider at wikimedia.at
Sun Mar 31 21:29:25 CEST 2013

Hi Juan,

Am 29.03.2013 21:42, schrieb Juan de Vojníkov:
> I am coining with the idea to organize Media workshop by the end of
> summer in the Czech Republic. The aim is to strengthen knowledge of
> making quality media within Wikimedians of CEE region and find ways how
> to get more participants to our media harvesting projects.

thanks for this initiative!

Some pointers which may help you - people and projects I know of which
deal with the same topics:

* photographic workshops are regularly organised by german Wikipedians
in Nürnberg (DE) and Wikimedia Österreich (Austria).
I know that they have some contacts to high-level photographers (WMAT)
and Photoshop experts (commons:User:Marcela).

* WMAT has quite a lot of experience in getting press accreditions. We
got a permanent accredition at ÖFB (Austrian Football Association), were
accredited at the Youth Olympic Games and to TV show transmissions
("Wetten, dass...") of ZDF / ORF.
commons:User:Kulac would be a contact person for this.

* in german Wikipedia we have the WikiTV project which I presented at
Wikimania 2012. There I also heard that you have some video projects
concerning national parks in Czech Republic. I would be very interested
in an exchange.
With the help of WMDE, with my private money plus some support from WMCH
I have collected some professinal audio and video equipment for
different tasks:

** HD cameras and tripods for documentation, recording, interviews etc.
** different audio mixers for small and big setups including USB audio
interfaces for direct recording / live transmissions on a PC (private)
** small SD camera with mini-tripod for videostreaming, additional
camera, video-conferencing and the like (private + donation by ORF)
** several microphones for interviews, video-conferencing etc. (WMDE +
** several lights - camera lights, a multi-color flood light and a 1m
color-bar (WMDE + private)
** video-conference system which is open to be used by all Wikimedians,
operated by Wikimedia CH and provided through the Wikimedia Chapters
Association (http://videoconf.wikimedia-chapters-association.org/)

If I can help you / provide you anything for the video workshops please
let me know. I can also provide you with some possible project and usage
examples of this equipment and infrastructure.

We are currently doing a cooperation with ORF, the austrian public
broadcaster and produce our own TV show 45 minutes once a month
broadcasted on BR-alpha.

Concerning the video encoding session I am urging you to look for WebM
instead of Ogg/Theora. WebM is active now on Commons since the new video
player (TimeMediaHandler) has been deployed.
Since then finally subtitles continued to work again. This would also be
an interesting topic - creating, editing and translating video subtitles
on Commons using the TimedText namespace.


Manuel Schneider

Wikimedia Österreich - Gesellschaft zur Förderung freien Wissens

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