[WMCEE-l] Media workshop

Juan de Vojníkov juandevojnikov at gmail.com
Fri Mar 29 21:42:53 CET 2013

Hi folks!

I am coining with the idea to organize Media workshop by the end of summer
in the Czech Republic. The aim is to strengthen knowledge of making quality
media within Wikimedians of CEE region and find ways how to get more
participants to our media harvesting projects.
The 3 day weekend schedule might be:
1) taking photos
    a) beginners
    b) intermediate
2) Photos adjustments (GIMP) and upload
    a) beginners
    b) intermediate
3) transformation of video and converting to Theora
4) taking recordings and their processing
5) Brainstorming upon dissemination and marketing of CEE media projects

Czech community has long experience with organizing media related
educational events, but also Wikimedians with such skills. But also you,
Wikimedians from other countries have valuable knowledge from participating
in different media related events.

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