[WMCEE-l] WMCEE Meeting 2013

Raul Veede raul.veede at gmail.com
Tue Jul 30 16:28:57 CEST 2013

A lot of time has passed, and it is time to make plans for the autumn. So,
I ask again:
1. Are we going to have a WMCEE meeting this year?
2. Where is it going to be?
3. When is it going to be?
4. Who will organize it?

For me, personally, 1. and 3. are most important, because I have to say yes
or no to some other meetings that are schedule for September and October.
So, could someone answer these questions, please?

BTW, it might be wise not to plan WMCEE on the same weekend as the other
major wikievents in CEE. Right now, I can recall only Yerevan
Wikiconference, but if there's more, please let everybody know.


On Mon, Feb 18, 2013 at 12:14 PM, Tomasz Ganicz <polimerek at gmail.com> wrote:

> 2013/2/18 Juan de Vojníkov <juandevojnikov at gmail.com>:
> > Presidents of PL, CZ and HU chapters - please respond if you are
> interested
> > about being an official partners for this grant application (if you
> prefer,
> > by private message).
> >
> > Well this list is just for interested participants. Better to ask such
> > question privately or via chapters-l.
> >
> OK. So, we can (WMPL) be an official partner for this grant and maybe
> to participate in it in some sort of way (for example travel
> scholarships).
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