[WMCEE-l] Visiting local Wikipedia meetups

Milos Rancic millosh at gmail.com
Thu Mar 8 16:38:45 CET 2012

I will be in Budapest from tomorrow (Friday) morning to Saturday evening.

My Hungarian phone number is: +36202156049. So, if someone is for
hanging around tomorrow, please call me. I'll stay in Goat Hostel,
which is in Vámház körút 15.

On Sat, Mar 3, 2012 at 00:49, Bence Damokos <bdamokos at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> 2012/3/3 Tomasz Kozłowski <odder.wiki at gmail.com>
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>> Bence,
>> thank you for your message, that's indeed a beautiful idea to have some
>> guests from the WMCEE countries on a local/country-wide Wikimedia meeting.
>> I do, however, see some limitations: for example, for a conference with
>> bigger amount of foreign guests, there should be at least a simultaneous
>> translation into English provided, which would make the organisation a
>> bit more tricky, but that's of course doable ;-))
> And never underestimate our editors and people in general. I personally know
> of Hungarian editors who speak Polish, my sister is studying Czech at
> university, and I have a Czech friend who spoke Hungarian. While language is
> a barrier, in some ways, it is an opportunity to send some new people to
> international events, whose primary language might not be English.
> Of course, it is easier to switch one small meetup or a table-ful of people
> at a meetup to speak English, than to make a conference internationally
> accessible, but sharing information about our events is a good idea
> regardless of the language spoken. The worst that can happen is that we
> don't find anyone who speaks the language and is available.
> Anyways, people at our meetups speak English, many of them speak German, and
> there are a couple of other languages that our editors could try, so I think
> people don't need to worry about not speaking Hungarian. Everyone will be
> welcome :)
>> Anyway - I just wanted to suggest we all agree on non-official
>> recommendation to inform this very list about all planned Wikimedia
>> meetings in your country at least a month ahead. I can imagine there
>> might be plenty of Wikimedians interested in attending such meetings,
>> and a month seems the minimum amount of time needed to organise travel,
>> accommodation & stuff.
> Yes, this would be very useful.
> Best regards,
> Bence
>> Regards,
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>> Tomasz Kozłowski
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