[WMCEE-l] Two questions on the conference (duration & participants)

Tomasz Kozłowski odder.wiki at gmail.com
Sat Mar 3 16:26:12 CET 2012

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Hello list,
following Mile's announcement on the final date of the meeting, it seems
that there are several questions we might want to ask ourselves, and
which will be crucial for the organising team (which is now fully formed
and working hard!).

Firstly, the meeting was advertised and thought to be used - hence the
name of the list - to exchange experiences, ideas, etc. between
Wikimedians from Central and Eastern Europe (widely defined).

On the list of participating countries, we do have, however, several
countries which are not located in the CEE, but which, on the other
hand, do not have any other Wikimedia groups to be affiliated with, and
that's why we decided to add & invite them to the meeting (fair enough).

Nevertheless, if we want to invite countries from the neighbouring
regions (including the Middle East and Caucasus), I feel that the scope
of the meeting would need to be broadened not just to include the topics
specific to WMCEE countries only, but also to embrace a wider amount of
topics related to all 30 invited countries.

Having this in mind, we would be organising the fourth biggest
conference in the Wikimedia world (after, I believe, Wikimania,
Iberocoop and Chapters meeting), and so we would need to change our
ideas on the programme (still being drafted, though) at least a bit.

And secondly (and lastly): what was the agreed duration of the
conference? I have been under an impression we wanted to organise a
classic two-day long conference held on a Saturday and Sunday, with
participant arriving on a Friday and leaving Monday.

I couldn't find a proper discussion in the archives, but maybe I'm just
wrong and we want to organise a three-day long meeting? Both would work
for me, but if we decide on the latter, it will have some implications
for the org team we would need to have in mind when working on the
programme, accommodation, travel etc.

What are your opinions on the two topics? Should we broaden the scope of
the conference to include countries from outside the CEE, and do we want
do have a longer conference? Please let me know, all ideas & opinions
are appreciated!

Thank you,
- -- 
Tomasz Kozłowski
a.k.a. [[user:odder]]

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