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Bence Damokos bdamokos at gmail.com
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2012/3/3 Tomasz Kozłowski <odder.wiki at gmail.com>

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> Bence,
> thank you for your message, that's indeed a beautiful idea to have some
> guests from the WMCEE countries on a local/country-wide Wikimedia meeting.
> I do, however, see some limitations: for example, for a conference with
> bigger amount of foreign guests, there should be at least a simultaneous
> translation into English provided, which would make the organisation a
> bit more tricky, but that's of course doable ;-))
And never underestimate our editors and people in general. I personally
know of Hungarian editors who speak Polish, my sister is studying Czech at
university, and I have a Czech friend who spoke Hungarian. While language
is a barrier, in some ways, it is an opportunity to send some new people to
international events, whose primary language might not be English.

Of course, it is easier to switch one small meetup or a table-ful of people
at a meetup to speak English, than to make a conference internationally
accessible, but sharing information about our events is a good idea
regardless of the language spoken. The worst that can happen is that we
don't find anyone who speaks the language and is available.

Anyways, people at our meetups speak English, many of them speak German,
and there are a couple of other languages that our editors could try, so I
think people don't need to worry about not speaking Hungarian. Everyone
will be welcome :)

> Anyway - I just wanted to suggest we all agree on non-official
> recommendation to inform this very list about all planned Wikimedia
> meetings in your country at least a month ahead. I can imagine there
> might be plenty of Wikimedians interested in attending such meetings,
> and a month seems the minimum amount of time needed to organise travel,
> accommodation & stuff.
Yes, this would be very useful.

Best regards,

> Regards,
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