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Well you are 100 % right. But the biggest problem is that the "need to act whenever issues pertaining our projects are on stake" sometimes means an easy action, sometimes an action that might be seen as a controversial one. The question is - shall we support more our "goals" or our "picture". And yes, we discuss about this in WMCZ quite a lot. 
The question is... Are the issues pertaining our projects are on stake? Wikimedia projects are community projects and as far as I can know, there can hardly be some unity in this. The easiest way (at least I think so) is simply to aviod the most obvious ways of effective, yet "politically" dangerous activities. And yes - that is cooperation with various political parties. Even, if they support the same goal as we do (or we think so).
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On Fri, Feb 10, 2012 at 11:21 AM,   wrote:> I know
thi might not be the very problem, but you might have found some
> people who can see it. At least things like this are always problematic. We
> in WMCZ met some people from Czech Pirate Party and we share some views
> (copyright laws), but it is clearly problematic for us to cooperate more.

I think we should put discussion on lobbying/politics into the agenda.
We should generally be staying away from working with political parties and/or
supporting political candidates.

But we might need to act whenever issues pertaining our projects are on stake.
We should discuss whether, how and how much do we want to engage ourselves.

I am not sure this will be interesting to most of the participants
though (and from all countries).

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