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Sorry for just hopping in this discussion, but this seems interesting for me - it is not a bad idea after all.
However, I think that this might be a bit problematic, because EU is still a "political" institution. For example Wikimedia Czech Republic declares in it's status to be an organization of an "apolitic" nature.
I know thi might not be the very problem, but you might have found some people who can see it. At least things like this are always problematic. We in WMCZ met some people from Czech Pirate Party and we share some views (copyright laws), but it is clearly problematic for us to cooperate more.
Wikimedia Czech Republic.
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Europian Union Info Center in Belgrade is interesting to put CEE meeting in their activities as 9th of May is Day of Europe, and probably we will have CEE meeting in those day. 
I talked with CEO of DOB today, and I next several days I will have meeting with people form EU Info Center and DOB (DOB=Dom omladine Beograd - in ENG named Youth Center of Belgrade. 
We will talk about possible cooperation between Wikimedia and EU Info Center.
I think that this is a  good opportunity for us.Do you see some problem with this?Can I continue with this?
Thank you for your prompt response


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