[WMCEE-l] Wikimedia CEE conference - program proposal

Marcin Cieslak marcin at cieslak.name
Thu Feb 2 14:39:30 CET 2012

2012/2/2 Kiril Simeonovski <kiril.simeonovski at gmail.com>:

> We can start by discussing this matter on the page for brainstorming on
> Meta. The program for the conference will be the main topic after we set the
> date for the Meeting, and it is essential thing that anyone regardless of
> the place of residence can contribute to.

My email is just raw dump of my notes that resulted from discussions with
some people. If there is agreement on this I can copy this over to meta
for editing. By the way I don't think we need a date set to discuss
what we are going
to do.


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