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Hi Marcin,

Firstly your proposals are very well conceived and could be a good starting
point for further evaluation of the program for the CEE Meeting. It was
initially discussed and I think we reached a consensus to organize a
two-day mostly focused on the topics that relate to the development of
smaller communities and how the other can help them reach a wider
recognition. It surely does not mean that the CEE Meeting is not intended
for the large communities, so every novelty or sort of project introduced
in every country is relevant and welcomed to be discussed.

We can start by discussing this matter on the page for brainstorming on
Meta. The program for the conference will be the main topic after we set
the date for the Meeting, and it is essential thing that anyone regardless
of the place of residence can contribute to.



On Thu, Feb 2, 2012 at 1:11 PM, Marcin Cieslak <marcin at wikimania2010.pl>wrote:

> Hello,
> First I'd like say *big thank you* to Miloš, Mile and the team in
> Belgrade for agreeing to
> host us in Belgrade in May. I am really happy to see things taking
> real shape now.
> I would like to propose a framework/outline of the program. This is
> going to be our first meeting
> in a larger group and I think we should not expect to do everything
> this time. Therefore
> I would envision that this will be a more introductory meeting for
> everyone to catch up with
> what one's neighbours are doing.
> It is my understanding that we are aiming at the at most two day
> meeting. Therefore
> I would like to propose the following:
> ==Founder summit==
> At the core of the meeting I would like to see a discussion panel of
> few founders of few CEE
> Wikipedias. I hope at least one of the Polish founders will agree to
> participate and I hope
> we manage to arrange for others to join. I think this point would be
> also a good outreach/media
> attraction - we could promote this meeting as "CEE summit" or
> "Founders meeting".
> This could possibly happen on the first day afternoon.
> Given sufficient interest a press conference could be held after this.
> ==Introductory presentations==
> To make discussion more interesting and to relieve our founding
> fathers from repeating boring facts
> I would propose that respective projects prepare presentations about
> their projects. Each project
> could present for at most 30-40 minutes now. Those presentations need
> not or even should not
> be delivered by invited founders (unless they really want to or there
> is no one other from the community
> to delivery it).
> This part itself may take most of the morning of the first day.
> ==Two speeds in development of the movement?==
> Our region hosts some quite large communities, which are widely
> recognizable in the society and widely
> used by the average Internet user there. Some projects (especially
> from smaller language communities) still
> have a long way to go to be recognized among their respective
> communities. Assuming we hope
> to achieve a better reach among those, there are some questions to be
> asked:
> * What are the breakthrough factors to achieve recognition?
> * Impact of general economic development on community work and recognition
> * Impact of Internet access/cost
> * Impact of Google/Yandex/Seznam positioning on project's popularity
> (my favourite :)
> * Easy access to some other language resources (e.g. Russian, German
> or English) instead
> * Role of institutional support (government, sponsors, Wikimedia
> Foundation, chapters ... etc.)
> * ...
> Every subject on the list might be subject of research on its own, it
> would be good if we could attract
> some people specialized in economics/sociology to discuss this.
> This issue to me looks like a small version of a "Global South"
> problem and possibly CEE region could
> serve as a good testbed for various activities in this area undertaken
> for example by the Wikimedia
> Foundation. This itself would be an interesting problem to talk about.
> I would propose a session/program block dedicated to this issue.
> A take way from such a session is to find out what are the main
> differences between large
> and small projects in the region and point out areas of further study.
> If we are lucky we might
> have some recommendations for projects and chapter activists.
> ==Technical workshop: Wikipedias in multiple writing systems==
> Main article:
> https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikipedias_in_multiple_writing_systems
> Many communities are interested in using automatic switch between
> various writing systems (mostly latin, cyrillic and arabic). Some
> wikis in the region (Serbian, Kazakh) have this implemented already,
> some would like to have this (Bashkir, Tatar and others).
> If we manage to invite our colleagues from the former Soviet Union area
> to participate in this conference we could possibly use this as
> a chance to:
> * define common goals, identify issues, requirements
> * identify resources (i.e. volunteers) that are able to work on development
>  of the software
> I think if we gather representatives of 5-6 communities interested in this
> we might end up setting up a proper project to push things further.
> ----
> I think above proposals are enough to fill an almost two day session.
> I keep in mind there are many other interesting things to cover - my goal
> was to propose something for the FIRST meeting and to foster further
> projects/ideas so that we will have a good material to work on during
> the SECOND and THIRD CEE meeting.
> So, not everything at once:)
> I'd love to hear your comments on the above!
> //Marcin
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