[WMCEE-l] CEE meeting planning

Mile Kiš m.mikym at gmail.com
Tue Aug 21 16:03:57 CEST 2012

> It seems the grant application depends mostly on the travel expenses. We
> cannot estimate those without knowing how many people will need help with
> their tickets. And we can't tell that without knowing how many people will
> actually step in front of the others and say something. Otherwise, we're
> going to have a wonderful program with a lot of topics on which no one will
> speak.

My recent experience with global event tell me that we never can be 100%
sure how we will need for travel. Because that we have cash reserves, and
we will send it back if we do not spent it. So war several chapters told
they have money for travel.  I hope WMF can cover travel costs. (Asaf, what
you think about this?)

About topics, part of our experience should be part of program and how we
can help each other. If we are looking for professional it is good to find
someone somewhere but we do not have a lot of time because i have to make
accommodation booking.

> I believe  a global grant application  would also be very instrumental in
> negotiating with the individual chapters, including WMDE.
> I don't think the programme has to be 100% fixed, however, I do believe
> that the application should lay out a concept, spell out some overarching
> topics and state a goal/expected impact. At least from my perspective this
> would be very important, because  the very first question, I will have to
> answer when I propose to  WMDE's leadership to commit a certain amount will
> be: How does this relate to our mission?

Yes, we do not need 100% fixed but we need goals and main concept. We
should work all together to make this related to all sides - WMF and WMD &
Other chapters who can/want to cover some costs.

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