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Johannes Rohr johannes.rohr at wikimedia.de
Tue Aug 21 14:47:56 CEST 2012

Hi folks,

greetings from Berlin! I am glad to see that there is a date for the CEE
meeting now. I also noted that work needs to be done regarding the
programme planning and the funding application.

I have gone through the thematic proposals at

I think that there is a lot of really interesting topics, actually, it is
far too many for a single weekend. I believe it would be ideal if we were
able to identify one overarching theme, which might enable us to prioritise
and filter the individual proposals.

Also I feel that methodology should be discussed in advance. E.g. with the
current proposal for Saturday morning, which is that every represented
chapter or group makes a presentation about their work, I feel that it
might become somewhat repetitive, if every chapter talks about their
activities, programmes, conferences etc. I am concerned that people might
easily get bored, that there would be no focus.

I think there should be an experienced facilitator and some thematic
guidance should be provided in order to ensure that we have some common
focus right from the start. I feel that a meeting bringing together most of
Eastern and Central Europe would be a unique opportunity, and if we have
only two days, we should be very careful not to waste this opportunity.

I was also wondering who would be able to deliver an introductory keynote
for the inaugural session, providing insight into what Central and Eastern
European Wikimedia communities have in common and what can be gained from
increased interaction.

I really feel that a thematic focus would be invaluable to have. While I am
really excited about the idea of the CEE meeting, I cannot get rid of the
feeling that the main reason why it hasn't gone ahead yet is, that nobody
has been able yet to come up with a genuine vision. Yes, it is fun to come
together. But we also need to go a step further and develop a vision of
where we want to be heading for.

On a side note: Who is taking care of the financial side of the planning
process? Is a funding application currently being drafted?



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