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Josh Lim jamesjoshualim at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 10 16:01:21 CEST 2011

Hi Orsolya,

Thanks!  Hopefully I can drop by Hungary during my time in Poland. :)



Block I1, AB Political Science
Major in Global Politics, Minor in Chinese Studies
Class of 2013, Ateneo de Manila University
Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Vice-President (2011-2012), Wikimedia Philippines
Member, Ateneo Debate Society
Member, The Assembly
Member, Ateneo Lingua Ars Cultura

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Nice to have you near by, Josh! Welcome!

2011/9/10 Josh Lim <jamesjoshualim at yahoo.com>

(Okay, this may reset the thread, but I just joined the list. :P)
>Hi guys.
>I'm Josh Lim, Vice-President of Wikimedia Philippines.  I joined the list because I'm headed to Poland this Wednesday and I'll be staying for ten months as a result of my studies, so I hope to be involved in the activities of the Central and Eastern European Wikimedia community as much as I can during my time there.  I did get to meet some of you during Wikimania this year (and last year), and I hope that I can bring home a lot of lessons and best practices which the CEE communities are most probably known for. :)
>Block I1, AB Political Science
>Major in Global Politics, Minor in Chinese Studies
>Class of 2013, Ateneo de Manila University
>Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
>Vice-President (2011-2012), Wikimedia Philippines
>Member, Ateneo Debate Society
>Member, The Assembly
>Member, Ateneo Lingua Ars Cultura
>jamesjoshualim at yahoo.com | +63 (927) 531-8301
>Friendster/Facebook/Twitter: akiestar | Wikimedia:
 Sky Harbor
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