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Manuel Schneider manuel.schneider at wikimedia.ch
Mon Sep 5 20:04:30 CEST 2011

Hi all,

Am 05.09.2011 17:07, schrieb Luchesar V. ILIEV:
> I guess it would be nice if people present themselves very briefly when
> joining the list

ok, even if I never joined (I just happened to be here, thanks to our
Polish friends *g*) a brief introduction though I guess this is rather

Manuel Schneider, from Germany
* member of WMDE (since 2004)
* founding member of WMCH (since 2006)
* board member of WMAT (since 2010)

Manuel Schneider

Wikimedia CH - Verein zur Förderung Freien Wissens
Wikimedia CH - Association for the advancement of free knowledge

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