[WMCEE-l] 10th anniversary of the Polish Wikipedia -- a short announcement

Daniel ~ Leinad danny.leinad at gmail.com
Sat Sep 3 22:35:01 CEST 2011

Dear All,
I am delighted to announce that the Polish Wikipedia community,
supported by Wikimedia Polska, is going to celebrate the 10th
anniversary of the project (founded on September 26, 2001) with a
conference to be held on September 24-25, in Poznan, Poland.

We will start with a great exhibition of the winning POTY (Picture of
the Year) pictures which will be showcased for two weeks, starting
next Saturday, September 12, in one of the most prestigious shopping
and art centres in Poland, the [[Stary Browar]]. 16 pictures, best of
the best of the Wikimedia movement, will be shown on an exhibition
open for the public, with descriptions in Polish, English and German.

The conference itself is not going to be any worse; we're going to
have about 15 presentations and talks about Wikipedia, discussing the
place of Wikipedia in court judgements, Wikipedia's role as a source
of information, the now-hot topic of women in Wikipedia community and
many, many more. There will be a public screening of the documentary
film "Truth in Numbers?" about Wikipedia; there will also be cookies,
balloons, talks into the wee hours, and finally, a massive Wikipedia
birthday cake!

We're going to meet in the very heart of the very best location there
is in Poznan; the conference will be open for the public, as we want
to involve people from outside the Wikimedia movement. All talks will
be streamed live on a special Internet radio and after the conference,
all talks, audio and video, will be released under the CC-BY-SA 3.0
licence and made available on-line.

For a quick look at the conference, please visit the website
<http://10lat.wikipedia.pl>. If you have any questions, feel free to
approach the organising team at <10urodziny at wikimedia.pl>; we're also
there for you on the #wikimedia-pl IRC channel on Freenode.

On behalf of the organising team,
Daniel // Leinad
Wikimedia Polska

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