[Wikirobota] AWB - półautomatyczny bot

Wojciech Pędzich wpedzich w wp.pl
Nie, 1 Mar 2009, 10:23:51 CET

Odpowiedź od developerów AWB:

Localisation of any specific regexes is fine and doable (AWB can take 
these onboard and used in it without too much work)

As for the interface localisation, this is where it becomes a bit more 
difficult. None of the developers have done much (if any) localisation 
work, so it is outside our knowledge (which isn’t too major, as we can 
work on it)

However, saying that, we have had quite a few requests for various 
similar things, and it WOULD be nice to be able to do it...

There are, however, a few blocking factors to doing this. The interface 
isn’t really setup, currently, at least, designed for anything but 
English strings (ie the space given in most cases, matches the space 
that is available)

Możemy w tym jakoś pomóc? Chętnie zlokalizowałbym drugiego co do 
popularności bota :) z Waszą pomocą.


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