[Koalicja-l] Praca dla fachowca od otwrtej edukacji

Bożena Bednarek-Michalska Bozena.Bednarek-Michalska w bu.umk.pl
Śro, 30 Wrz 2020, 12:05:01 CEST

SPARC Europe in search of an Open Education community manager

Know of someone looking to make progress in Open Education and seeking  
a new challenge? We have the perfect community manager position.  
Whilst the posting has been broadly distributed, this is a reminder  
that candidates still have time to apply: 9 Oct 2020 is the deadline  
for applications. We are looking for someone who will help build  
European library capacity while supporting those who create, access,  
re-use, adapt and redistribute Open Education Resources (OER). These  
efforts collectively are a means to realise the UNESCO OER  
Recommendation. Ideally, the candidate will also help develop related  
policy in Europe. In short, together with the SPARC Europe director,  
the community manager will be responsible for effectively managing and  
expanding SPARC Europe’s work on Open Education in Europe.  Download  
the job announcement.  

Bożena Bednarek-Michalska
specjalistka ds. grantów i humanistyki cyfrowej
BGUMK, Toruń

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