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Przeklejam informacje od Ovidiu Voicu nt. nowej polityki rządu rumuńskiego.






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Subject: updates on oer policies in romania

Date: 14 December 2017 at 16:16:28 GMT+1

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Dear Colleagues,


It has been a while since I have wrote about our work in Romania. But what better reason to send an update than to notify about some progress? 


After a few years of efforts, sometimes very frustrating, we are finally speaking about a "breakthrough" in our advocacy work at national level. In the past few weeks, the Romanian Government has shown solid commitment to opening the resource created with public money, which is an important share of educational resources in our country:


- the Government has adopted (today, actually) the Textbooks Bill, which is clearly stating that textbooks are open educational resources. This is important because in Romania the state provides free textbooks, online and in print, for all subject and for the entire duration of pre-university education (13 years). There are over 150 titles offered to around 2.5 million students yearly (nb. the printed textbook is returned and reused, does not become the property of the student). The bill will go to the Parliament for debate and decision, which will take a few months, but we expect it to pass, because it has the support of the majority. 


- the Ministry of Education has taken concrete steps for creating an infrastructure to collect and publish, under open license, resources created by teachers and other stakeholders. Starting with November, each County School Inspectorate (the institution overseeing educational policies at county level) was asked to open an OER section on its own website and take measures to populate it with resources. Everything will be eventually brought to a national OER repository, for which the Ministry has allocated funds (well, it is still under discussion if this is going to be an open source or a proprietary solution). This is important because in Romania 96% of the students (pre-university) are attending public schools, and the system is highly centralized. 


- in terms of content, the Ministry is mainstreaming OERs in a new and ambitious nation-wide project, aiming at training around 60.000 teachers to use new methods and a new curriculum, during the next four years. The overall value of the project is around 40 million euro, and the Ministry committed that all resources created in the project, at minimum 7.200, will be published on the above mentioned repository. The source of funding is the European Union, which makes it very difficult to take back the commitment, because it become an indicator of the project (whoever worked with EU funding will understand the power of the word "indicator"). 


I am not writing only to brag about the progress but mostly as an encouragement. We have started about five years ago, and along the road we had many moments when we thought that we are in a dead end. During these years, the political majority changed three times, and we worked with six different ministers and their teams, each of them with their own ideas. But the perseverance is eventually rewarding!


The attached document is providing more details about the current situation in Romania, including some questions that we still have (because I have deliberately chosen to include only the good news in the text of the message). We prefer to remain optimistic and see the questions of new advocacy targets. The text is, of course, open for use and re-use. 


Best regards,




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