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Hi ,

I’m writing to you today about one of the Open Knowledge Foundation’s  
projects The Public Domain Review  
<http://publicdomainreview.org/support> which is in need of your  
support at a crucial time.

The Public Domain Review is a web-based journal showcasing the most  
wonderful and unusual out-of-copyright works available online. Through  
its curated collections and articles by leading scholars, writers, and  
archivists it entertains and amazes us with the beauty and breadth of  
the public domain -- celebrating and raising the awareness about the  
value of our shared cultural commons at a time when it is increasingly  
under threat.

With its initial funding now run ended, the Public Domain Review  
urgently needs your donations to continue its work.

The Review has been the brainchild of Adam Green who has dedicated  
immense time and effort - most of it as a volunteer - to editing and  
curating the Review over the last two years. The wonderful video  
calling for your support is another entirely volunteer effort created  
under Adam's direction (and featuring him in a starring role!).

While operating on a minimal budget the Review has done an amazing  
job. Highlights from last year include an article by Man Booker prize  
winner Julian Barnes and attention from the likes of the New York  
Times, Huffington Post, Vice magazine, and the Paris Review.

I therefore very much hope you will join me in supporting The Public  
Domain Review and ensuring that it continues to showcase and celebrate  
the incredible beauty and richness of the public domain.

To donate or learn more about the fundraising campaign please visit:


All the very best,
Rufus Pollock
Founder, Open Knowledge Foundation

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