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international advisory and liaison group unesco (IALAG)
tak sie nazywa grupa zaproszona do pracy nad deklaracja przez
Jānis Kārkliņš, Assistant Director General for  
Communication and Information of UNESCO


Annapola Coppola jest w to zaangazowana bezposrednio, do niej mozna pisac

Cytowanie Jaroslaw Lipszyc <rekrutacja w gazeta.pl>:

> Na kongresie OER w Paryzu powstaje deklaracja paryska. Niestety, nie  
> jest zbyt dobra, bo wprowadza furtki do niewolnego licencjonowania  
> tresci.
> Ponizej zamieszczam moje uwagi wyslane do tekstu deklaracji. Link do tekstu:
> http://oercongress.weebly.com/paris-declaration.html
> Moje uwagi:
> "that reside in the public domain or have been released under an  
> open license that permits no-cost access, use, adaptation and  
> redistribution by others with no or limited restrictions"
> Even limited restrictions may be harmful to proliferation of the  
> work. Definition of Free Cultural Works, fundamental for  
> establishing what licenses allow full scope of use and re-use, and  
> defines allowed limitations - but only those, which are not  
> restricting the right to use the work. I propose removing the word  
> "limited". Also, 2002 definition does not mention such restrictions  
> as allowed. We feel, that with governments using such wording as an  
> excuse to impose unnecessary restrictions and keep works under  
> governmental control, it is our duty to remove all doubts about it.
> "Facilitate the re-use, revision, remixing and redistribution of  
> educational materials across the world through open licensing, which  
> refers to a spectrum of legal frameworks that allow different kinds  
> of uses."
> In general, we support using much more strict term "free licenses",  
> which are much better defined and fully protect users rights,  
> instead of vague term "open licenses". In this paragraph crucial is  
> changing the "different kinds of uses" to "all kinds of uses", to  
> better define what is our goal.
> "Governments/competent authorities may wish to ensure that  
> educational materials developed with public funds be made available  
> under open licenses (with any restrictions they deem necessary) in  
> order to maximize the impact of the investment".
> In this paragraph it is important to add compliance with Definition  
> of Free Cultural Works, to discourage adding unnecessary  
> restrictions (which governments may present as necessary). Our  
> experience is, that without explicitly defined terms politicians  
> tend to restrict much more than desired (and in a very creative  
> ways). Proposed wording is:
> "Encourage free licensing of educational materials produced with  
> public funds. Governments/competent authorities may wish to ensure  
> that educational materials developed with public funds be made  
> available under free licenses compliant with Definition of Free  
> Cultural Works (with any restrictions they deem necessary within the  
> scope of definition) in  order to maximize the impact of the  
> investment".
> pozdrawiam
> Lipszyc
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