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Dear Sir, dear Madam,****

The public consultation on scientific information in the digital age, which
was recently undertaken by the European Commission, spurred great interest
among a variety of stakeholders, with 1140 responses received from 42
countries. Respondents identified *a strong need for better access to
scientific publications and scientific data in Europe*. *90 % of
respondents supported the idea that publications resulting from publicly
funded research should as a matter of principle be in open access (OA) mode
and that data from publicly funded research should be available for reuse
free of charge on the internet.* Furthermore, 83 % called for policy
formulation at the EU level and 86 % agreed on the development of an EU
network of repositories. ****

Asked about *barriers to accessing scientific publications* the high price
of journals/subscriptions (89%) and the limited budget of libraries (85 %)
were identified as key issues.  The main barriers to access *research
data*were identified as lack of funding to develop and maintain the
infrastructures (80 %); the insufficient credit given to researchers for
making research data available (80 %); insufficient national/regional
strategies/policies (79 %) as well as the lack of incentives for
researchers (76.4%).****

Self-archiving (‘green OA’) or a combination of self-archiving and OA
publishing (‘gold OA’) were identified as the preferred ways for increasing
the number and share of scientific publications available in OA mode. The
majority (56% of respondents) prefer an embargo period (that is the period
of time during which a publication is not yet open access) of 6 months. ****

Finally respondents were also concerned that the preservation of scientific
information is currently insufficiently addressed.****

*More information:*

The survey on scientific information in the digital age is available at****


(pdf document, 6MB)****

and on our open access website under "background documents"****


For any questions feel free to contact the open access team at  ****

RTD-open-access w ec.europa.eu****

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