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Your thoughts on Scientific Information? A New Open Data portal

    A short update from the ePSIplatform team our community members with some
    exciting news.

    Scientific Information.

    As you might have seen in the ePSIplatform news coverage, the European
    Commission has just opened up the online [2]public consultation on
    Scientific Information. Scientific Information has so far been  
exempted from
    the PSI Directive and therefore exempted from the obligation to allow
    re-use. The online consultation is your chance to voice your  
opinion! Do you
    think that scientific information should be Open, and accessible to all? Or
    do you think that science and scientists will be better off when their data
    is 'protected' data? Do you think we should distinguish between raw
    scientific data and scholarly articles in peer reviewed journals? The
    Commission would cherish your contribution to this debate!

    You have the opportunity to fill out the online consultation  
already, but it
    will be open until September 9th, 2011. The consultation can be found

    Open data portal

    If you're more the entrepreneurial type, and less the academic, there is
    also an opportunity for you. The Commission has published a call  
for tenders
    for an Open Data Portal. The portal will hold information from the EC and
    european institutions and will be launched somewhere 2012. Every interested
    party is invited to submit a proposal through the procedure laid out in the
    call. Information on the call can be found
    enders/index_en.htm. We are very excited about this, as it clearly  
shows the
    intentions of the European Commission to become a provider of Open Data.

    Please keep in touch, we love feedback on the ePSIplatform through our
    twitter account or through [5]info w epsiplatform.eu.
        5. mailto:info w epsiplatform.eu

    Kind Regards
    The ePSIplatform Team

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