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Welcome to this month's round up of all ORG's happenings - and what a  
month it's been! Actions, meetings with Ed Vaizey, a fabulous event...  
Anyway, it's all here, digested:

1. Website blocking
2. Hargreaves review
2. Open Data: Open Genealogy Alliance, CourtServe and Google Books
3. Nominet domain seizures: talks continue
4. Is the Open Internet under threat from your ISP?
5. ORG (Re)connect
6. Volunteers needed: ORGZine Editor and writers

**Website censorship: 93 MPs support your calls for human rights on the net**

A couple of weeks ago we asked you to  
http://www.e-activist.com:80/ea-campaign/broadcast.response.do?ea.url.id=59419&ea.campaigner.email=bfk1ckrkMLc%2F53sxLMCqMA==&ea_broadcast_target_id=0 about discussions - hosted by the Minister Ed Vaizey - between rights holders and Internet companies. Those discussions focused on a possible website blocking scheme for sites that allegedly infringe copyright - but do not account for a proper, robust legal  

Since then nearly 8,500 of you have contacted your MPs, asking them to  
sign EDM 1913, which asks Parliament to listen to UN criticisms of the  
UK's laws permitting disconnection of users from the Internet, and  
saying strict controls must be applied to any website blocking. That  
has helped ORG secure a meeting with Ed Vaizey in which we laid out  
what our serious concerns are.  Read Jim's write up of the Ed Vaizey  
meeting here:  

So, if you haven't already, please consider  
http://www.e-activist.com:80/ea-campaign/broadcast.response.do?ea.url.id=59420&ea.campaigner.email=bfk1ckrkMLc%2F53sxLMCqMA==&ea_broadcast_target_id=0. Let's get this up to 10,000 letters and get your MP to sign EDM  

**Modernising copyright**

Professor Hargreaves' review for the government says we need to make  
copyright more flexible and suitable for the digital age. We've been  
running a series of expert essays on ORGZine looking at how the  
Government should take forward his review. While we're waiting  for  
the Government's formal response, we will be making the case that we  
badly need Professor Hargreaves' reforms if we want to see a copyright  
regime that makes sense for the future.


**Open Data: digital transparency debates heat up**

In collaboration with MySociety, we have been taking on the potential  
monopolisation of data by CourtServe at the Ministry of Justice. The  
privatisation of public judicial data could further restrict our  
access to a fair trial and government transparency. At the British  
Library, we have tried to discuss the impact of any long term  
restrictions the deal may impose on digital copies of public domain  
works, as Google Books plans to digitise 250,000 out of copyright works.

Meanwhile, it seems that the Public Data Corporation is not as dead as  
it appeared. We are expecting a consultation paper any time, but are  
hoping to find out more before this happens. Whatever the case -  
you'll be the first to know.

**Nominet domain seizures: talks continue**

Nominet wish to work with police to seize or suspend domains  
associated with criminal activity. The government has told Nominet  
that it has no intention of creating a court order process, which  
would guarantee minimum standards of evidence and transparency. We are  
therefore working to both find out why the government are refusing to  
accept court orders as a standard, and encouraging Nominet in the  
meantime to limit suspension requests to blatant and uncontested  
abuses. To have your say, visit here

**Is the Open Internet under threat from your ISP?**

Ed Vaizey's open internet discussions with Sir Tim Berners-Lee have  
included ORG from the start, unlike the parallel discussions on  
website blocking. The latest meeting focused on "transparency", ie  
telling you about network discrimination practices. Lots of ISPs block  
and throttle peer-to-peer traffic, for instance. While we think the  
information they wish to disclose is nowhere near detailed enough, and  
unlikely to stop real harm, it could certainly be useful for ORG  
supporters. We need your help to work out what ISPs need to tell us  
about what they are throttling and restricting.


**ORG (Re)Connect**

What a night! Lots of connections made, lots of ideas blossomed, lots  
of feedback given. A condensed version of the report can be found  
here. http://www.openrightsgroup.org/events/org-%28re%29connect

Let us know if you want to get more involved with ORG's projects -  
just email us by replying to this email.

**Volunteer ORGZine Editor and writers needed**

Imagine a NEW Zine. Imagine where it could go, what we could do.  
Imagine you could be the creator, the genius behind the scenes. You  
can. We're organising a revamp of our informative and entertaining  
online magazine -- ORGZine -- which aims to provide readers with news,  
analysis and features about digital rights issues. Find out more here.


For more information, keep an eye on our blog and start writing for  
our Zine! Add yourself to our editorial list here:  


The Open Rights Group Office Crew

If you wish to opt out of future emails, you can do so here:

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