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przesylam wam do wiadomości list z Wloch na temat Dnia Domeny  
Publicznej, który będą tam robili, my juz tez musimy pomysleć, co robimy

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Thanks, Jonathan.

Regarding the PD Day, I think it is best to set the example.

In our case, in Torino, we are quite advanced in organizing
a rather ambitious PD Day Celebration that will take place in Torino
on Saturday, 22 January 2011, in the morning.

We will make an introduction on the PD, why it is important
(economically, socially, culturally) and why it is good to celebrate it.

Than we will move on to discuss two key authors:

*Vito Volterra*, great mathematician, first president of the Italian
National Research Council, de facto founder of the Politecnico
di Torino (my institution), one of the few university professors
who refused to swear allegiance to the Fascist regime (he was
fired and had to leave Italy).

An historian will give a lectio on Volterra and an actor
will read some of his works (letters, speeches in the Italian Senate, or
something else).

Then we will move on to *Francis Scott Fitzgerald*: we will discuss
his works with a leading intellectual and an actor, again, will read
something by him.

We plan to use www.publicdomainday.org to publicize the celebrations
(and to document them, afterwards). Luca will upload the information about the
Torino celebration shortly.

*1. Please send him the coordinates of your celebrations as soon as available
so that he can update the PD Day website;
*2. Please also send them on the communia public list as well as on
our friends OKF pd-discuss list.*

If anyone has other ideas, please let me know!



Jonathan Gray wrote (on 22/10/10 20:07):
> FYI, we've blogged about this here:
> http://blog.okfn.org/2010/10/18/which-works-enter-the-public-domain-in-2011/
> Also we're having a discussion about this on our public pd-discuss list here:
> http://lists.okfn.org/mailman/listinfo/pd-discuss
> http://lists.okfn.org/pipermail/pd-discuss/2010-October/000464.html
> J.C. and other COMMUNIA folk: would be great if you could give any
> update on plans for publicdomainday.org or news on local celebrations!
> ;-)
> 2010/8/18 Bożena Bednarek-Michalska<b.michalska w bu.uni.torun.pl>:
>> In Poland Coalition for Open Education will also think about PDD in Warsaw
>> National Library like every year, we will write, what will be done soon. Now
>> everybody is on holiday.
>> Coordination web campaign, the web site www.publicdomainday.org with general
>> information is good idea. We also should think about some posters and
>> leaflets  for everybody, will be easier to organise information and meetings
>> with them.
>> Cytowanie "J.C. DE MARTIN"<demartin w polito.it>:
>>> Dear All,
>>> I am writing you to talk about the Public Domain Day 2011,
>>> which I would like to celebrate it more effectively than the previous
>>> edition.
>>> My idea would be to contact several people and institutions - starting
>>> from
>>> the COMMUNIA members, of course -  and try
>>> to make a concerted effort similar to what is done for the
>>> Open Access Week every October.
>>> Nothing too burdensome or ambitious: just a coordinated web campaign,
>>> around the web site www.publicdomainday.org (and the usual other channels,
>>> such as, TW, FB, etc), with general information (what is the PD, why it is
>>> important,
>>> which authors are about to enter the PD on 1 Jan 2011, etc.)
>>> and suggestions on how to celebrate the PD Day - perhaps even offering a
>>> kit on "how to prepare a PD Day Celebration".
>>> I believe that without exceeding work, a decently-done PD Day site with
>>> the
>>> explicit backing not only of the COMMUNIA Project, but also of specific
>>> COMMUNIA members who feel particularly committed,
>>> could go a pretty long way in the public debate, considering how well
>>> received was the rudimentary 2010 attempt.
>>> What do you think?
>>> Authors who died in 1940 include:
>>> Francis Scott Fitzgerald
>>> Nathanael West
>>> Isaac Babel
>>> Mikhail Bulgakov
>>> Leon Trotsky
>>> Walter Benjamin
>>> Paul Klee
>>> Not all of them will necessarily enter the PD Day, though: check your
>>> local laws
>>> (or the relevant PD Calculator :-) )
>>> Regarding Italy, we are already preparing a PD Day
>>> celebration revolving around Vito Volterra,
>>> noted mathematician, first president of the National
>>> Research Council and one of the few Italian universities
>>> professor who refused to take the fascist oath of obedience
>>> (just 12 out of 1000 were as brave as Volterra).
>>> Best,
>>> JC
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