[WMCEE-l] Ukrainian Wikimarathon events in other CEE countries - we might need your help!

Mykola Kozlenko mycola-k at ukr.net
Sat Jan 14 17:15:27 CET 2023

Hi CEE friends,

Every year Wikimedia Ukraine organises the annual Wikimarathon with a simple idea: we invite everyone to write a new Ukrainian Wikipedia article on Ukrainian Wikipedia's birthday. On this occasion we usually organise multiple edit-a-thons in different cities. The idea belongs to Ihor Kostenko, the 2014 Wikimedian of the Year who was killed during Euromaidan.

Due to the Russian invasion this year the event will be different: for the first time we will organise Wikimarathon events also outside Ukraine, in particular in other CEE countries, targeting Ukrainian diaspora and refugees. The planned dates are between 26 January and 1 February (Ukrainian Wikipedia's birthday is on 30 January).

We at Wikimedia Ukraine will be the main organisers of the event (cc'ed is olena.vinsent at wikimedia.org.ua, our manager in charge of this), and we think that trainers during edit-a-thons should be Ukrainian community members.

For other CEE affiliates:

1) At the very least - we inform you that we are doing this! As per chapter agreement our geographic area is Ukraine only, for an activity outside Ukraine we technically need to consult with local affiliates. If you have any objections, please let us know.

2) Better - we would be very glad if you can help us in any way. The most useful help can be with location, e.g. if you can host this event in your chapter's office or in another venue you work with. We would also appreciate logistical help, e.g. with equipment (like a projector or extra laptops), with banners or with coffee breaks, potentially communications support or any other help. We have some budget to cover event costs, but probably not enough for expensive venue rental. Note that we don't guarantee we will be able to organise an edit-a-thon if we can't find a Ukrainian trainer in your area.

3) If any of your affiliate's members are Ukrainian speakers or Ukrainian Wikipedia editors and might be interested in organising an event - please let us know!

For more information please look at the event page (in Ukrainian): https://uk.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=4777044 . If you have any questions please contact me or our manager in charge of Wikimarathon Olena Vinsent olena.vinsent at wikimedia.org.ua

Thank you and happy Wikipedia birthday!
Mykola Kozlenko (NickK)
Vice-Chair of Board, Wikimedia Ukraine
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