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Dear Wikimedia & Education Community,

The Education Team at the Wikimedia Foundation is happy to launch a new
“Office Hours” initiative! The Education Team will be holding at least 2
office hours per month. The goal is to have dedicated "real time"
conversations about your questions, and first hand accounts of your
activities. Having set times for this type of interaction will make sure
that everyone has a fair chance to receive real time support. We will make
sure to schedule for different time zones so that everyone has a chance to

Please bring topics you want to discuss, ask, or share about! It will be an
opportunity to have a conversation about them with the Education Team, and
also with those that participate in the meeting.

We will be using Google Meet to host the meeting, so please make sure you
have it installed before the meeting starts. You can download it from:

For the month of August, the meetings are set as follows:


   August 30, 16:00 UTC (probably most practical for participants from the
   Americas, Europe and Africa)

      Meet Link: https://meet.google.com/dsu-dhaz-ezm

   August 31, 13:00 UTC (probably most practical for participants in Asia
   and Oceania)

      Meet link: https://meet.google.com/ioq-msev-eny

If you have any questions, please address them to education at wikimedia.org
or reply to this message. We look forward to speaking with you at office

Vahid Masrour
Community Capacity Manager, Wikipedia Education Program
vmasrour at wikimedia.org
Education mailing list
Education at lists.wikimedia.org
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