[WMCEE-l] Esperanto photo competition - please help spread the word!

KuboF Hromoslav kubof.hromoslav at gmail.com
Sat Aug 4 01:01:19 CEST 2018


You may remember my short story during our meetup in Cape Town about the
photo competition *Wiki Loves ZEOs* (Zamenhof/Esperanto Objects).
And now, this our very first photo competition is live - for whole August!
We gave our heart to it and it is already a big achievement for us. So I
ask you for a little favor, can you please share the message to your
affiliate and community? We will appreciate it a lot, because it really

Esperanto is a world-wide auxiliary language and have already attracted
tons of idealists, so there are many objects on its honor on every
continent (yes, including some in Antarctica and even outer space!). And
consider, that it all began in our region - in nowadays Poland. So there
are quite of a bit of them. It may be some in your city and, especially, in
the city of members of your community! It is our hope that you and your
friends will participate on our mission to make free documentation of these
touchable manifestations of world-connecting project, as Esperanto
undoubtedly is. And, of course, we have some prizes for most valuables

To participate, go to the competition page, find list of ZEOs in your area,
take a photo of them and upload them to Commons by the button on the
competition page:
For all known ZEOs in Europe, visit

Again thanks for your help and see you!
Juan Sebastian Quintero Santacruz (Sahaquiel9102), main organiser
KuboF Hromoslav, helper
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