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Hello all,

The Wikimedia Foundation StandingElections Committee is, from today
until February 17, seeking additional members to help facilitate
Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustee and Funds Dissemination Committee
elections. This is a volunteer role and the appointment is for two
years. Please note that, while you are a member of the Committee, you
will not be able to run for any election overseen by the Committee –
this includes the upcoming 2017 Board and FDC elections and any other
election where the committee had already begun formal preparation before
your departure. You will also be restricted in your ability to publicly
advocate for community members running in those elections.

The Elections Committee has the following duties, as defined by a July
2015 Board Resolution


    The Committee shall recommend the dates, rules, and regulation of
    the voting procedures for approval by the Board of Trustees pursuant
    to Article IV, Section 3(C) in the Foundation Bylaws


    The Committee shall recommend who is qualified to vote for the Board
    of Trustees pursuant to Article IV, Section 3(C) in the Wikimedia
    Foundation Bylaws <https://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/Bylaws>.


    The Committee shall be responsible for preparing recommendations for
    the dates, rules and regulation of the voting procedures for the
    Funds Dissemination Committee
    and the Funds Dissemination Committee Ombudsperson, consistent with
    the charter of the Funds Dissemination Committee.


    To the extent possible, the Committee shall consult with the wider
    Wikimedia community in developing and revising election procedures
    within the scope of this charter.


    The Committee shall be a source of information to any member of the
    Wikimedia community interested in the community selection processes
    of the Wikimedia Foundation.


    Under the direction of the Board Governance Committee, the Committee
    shall take actions as necessary to execute the selection process for
    the Board of Trustees, the Funds Dissemination Committee, and the
    Funds Dissemination Committee Ombudsperson.


    As needed, the Committee may assist with other duties as may be
    assigned by the Board or the Board Governance Committee.

In practice, a member's duties involve communicating with the global
committee who help to steward Board and FDC Elections. During an
election period – one of which is over the next three to four months –
this will be especially important as you help to run the upcoming
elections for the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees and the Funds
Dissemination Committee. During this period, members of the Elections
Committee meet for semi-regular meetings to discuss the current election.

However, this appointment is not just for election periods. Outside of
the election season you will lead community discussions on election
process and advise the Board of Trustees Governance Committee
requested, such as in their search for appointed board members. The
expected time commitment can range from around 10 hours a week during an
election to one or two hours outside of the election period.

If you'd like to apply please send an email to
bec-newmembers at lists.wikimedia.org with:


    Your username;


    A brief summary of your Wikimedia related experience and any other
    experience you think may be useful along with;


    Why you're interested in the role and a quick statement saying you
    understand the requirements.

Given the private information that committee members handle, candidates
must be 18 years of age or older, and be willing to sign the
confidentiality agreement for nonpublic information
they haven't already. You can view information on how to sign this on

As much as possible we want the committee to represent the diversity of
the Wikimedia movement so if you're interested please apply! If you know
of others, not on this list, who may want to apply please feel free to


On behalf of the Elections Committee

Katie Chan
Any views or opinions presented in this e-mail are solely those of the
author and do not necessarily represent the view of any organisation the
author is associated with or employed by.

Experience is a good school but the fees are high.
     - Heinrich Heine

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