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May be of interest.


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Hi everyone,

The Community Tech team is currently working on Global preferences, the #4
wish from the 2016 Community Wishlist Survey, and we've got a question for
folks who are interested in using the feature.

We're adapting an extension developed by Legoktm, updating the code and
making some changes to the interface. There'll be a new special page,
Special:GlobalPreferences, where you'll be able to set a preference on all
wikis at once. There's more description and screenshots on the project


Our question is about how people might use local overrides for the global
preferences -- setting a preference as global, but making an exception for
one or more wikis. If that sounds like the kind of thing you would have an
opinion about :), then please check out this section:


and leave some feedback on the talk page. Of course, you can also feel free
to post any questions, suggestions or comments about the feature. Thanks!

Danny Horn
Senior Product Manager
WMF Community Tech
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