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Dear Wikimedians,

We are writing to let you know the result of the election for the 2
Affiliate Selected Board Seats on the Wikimedia Foundation board.

The successful candidates were *Christophe Henner* and *Nataliia Tymkiv.*

A total of 40 chapters and thorgs voted - all except for the Macedonia and
Macau chapters - which is a record.

The number of first preferences received by each candidate was as follows:

Christophe Henner (9.00);
Siska Doviana (6.75);
Jan Ainali (5.50);
Osmar Valdebenito (5.50);
Nataliia Tymkiv (4.75);
Susanna Mkrtchyan (3.25);
Lodewijk Gelauff (2.50);
Maarten Deneckere (1.50);
Kunal Mehta(1.25);
Leigh Thelmadatter (0.00)

As you know the election was conducted under the Single Transferable Vote,
which meant that votes were redistributed between candidates to come up
with the final result. In the 9th round of voting the final place, after
Christophe was elected, was between Nataliia (16.09) and Siska (9.91). We
will be putting the full count narrative on the Chapters Wiki so that
others can verify it if they wish.

We would like to congratulate Christophe and Nataliia and thank everyone
who stood. It is the closest ASBS result for some time, and all candidates
brought very valuable perspectives to the work of the WMF.


Chris Keating, Lorenzo Losa, Lane Rasberry
Election Facilitators
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