[WMCEE-l] FDC on the CEE Meeting

Balázs Viczián balazs.viczian at wikimedia.hu
Mon Nov 24 11:35:17 CET 2014


In regards to this topic a public discussion between Asaf
(or whoever will join from WMF/FDC/APG) and me about the experience of
Wikimedia Hungary's _opting out_ from the FDC process could be
something interesting for the wider public as well (at least as anything
"unusual" could be)

However I won't be able to make it to Kyiv. (Maybe it could be a side
talk in Zurich for the interested if there is any or a quick chat
within one of the FDC discussing spots)

Also I believe I should first give a "private" feedback before I
publicly share my side of the experience (what is in a draft mode for
two months now...)


2014-11-24 5:23 GMT, Asaf Bartov <abartov at wikimedia.org>:
> I agree with Levon.  The best practice in programming Wikimedia events is
> to gather input as widely as possible.  So your (all of you) preferences
> definitely matter.
> In that line, please do treat my opinion on deprioritizing FDC discussion
> because of the relatively low number of groups it is relevant for as just
> that - one opinion, of one participant.  It would be perfectly reasonable
> to decide otherwise, when all input is considered.
> Let me end with yet another request of all the different groups to
> PARTICIPATE in the program discussion.  The time is short, as we all know,
> and every contribution counts.
>    A.
> On Nov 23, 2014 4:28 PM, "Levon Azizian" <levonazizian at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Jan,
>> I also think so, because Austrians have wealthy and experienced chapter,
>> that's why they can share experience in how to use good governance and
>> chapter effectiveness.
>> Well, we will have enough people who can share experience on FDC as at
>> session, as well after the official program. Maybe we even can make a
>> poll
>> on that session :-)
>> I can't agree with last words, because we hope to see as much as it's
>> possible involvement of CEE community in organizational questions,
>> especially in question of preparing the final schedule. All in all we are
>> just hosting the event and the main reason we're doing that - to share
>> experience between chapters, to receive new skills and to develop mutual
>> collaboration between CEE communities (not only with Ukrainians). For us
>> it's very important that all representatives will receive all that three
>> points, and we strongly recommend to be involved in questions you're
>> interested in, because it's not internal event and we expect that our
>> guests will participate in proposals to schedule more active and they
>> will
>> feel themselves in Kyiv as at home :-)
>> Kind regards, Levon
>> 2014-11-24 1:35 GMT+02:00 <aktron at centrum.cz>:
>>> Levon,
>>> Umm, yes. It is nice that Wikimedia Austria is interested in the CEE
>>> group. Clearly that most of the subjects that are scheduled for the CEE
>>> conference are good and valuable. I mean - if they know something they
>>> are
>>> good in, it will be really good to learn something from them...
>>> When it comes to hiring a stuff - or to see it in a broader definition -
>>> professionalitzation yes, the FDC process is indeed a key element in
>>> this.
>>> So it means that we will not avoid this topic after all, possibly (I
>>> mean
>>> this was expressed in the "I hope" part of my message). But anyway; I
>>> understand various chapters prefer various topics, and so do we. These
>>> topics are binded to each other; so it is indeed not a good idea to
>>> scrap
>>> such a topic in general. But then again, FDC is binded to lot of current
>>> chapters' development, so it if it would be split in several topics, it
>>> would do just fine...
>>> But then again you as WM UA are the organizers and you schedule your own
>>> event... I just expressed my beliefs :-)
>>> All best
>>> Jan
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>>> >
>>> Dear Jan,
>>> We are glad that representative(s) from Czech Republic will have an
>>> opportunity to attend CEEM-2014 and looking forward to see our Czech
>>> colleagues in Kyiv!
>>> Speaking about FDC session, as far as I know it's interesting for
>>> Czechs,
>>> Estonians and Serbians. Asaf thinks that this session can be
>>> uninteresting
>>> for other representatives. That's why there was a proposal to discuss
>>> with
>>> interested representatives all necessary questions on FDC during social
>>> events and other free time.
>>> But except your letter in support of that session we also received a
>>> letter from Wikimedia Austria that they would like to join us via skype
>>> and
>>> to share their experience on topics "chapter effectiveness" and "good
>>> governance".
>>> So, we have at least to options. We can provide session FDC and for
>>> example add to them skype conversations with Austrians on "chapter
>>> effectiveness" and "good governance", or we can do as Asaf proposed (if
>>> it's enough for chapters which are going to apply for FDC) and that two
>>> topics will attach to some others (for example, "Hiring staff" or
>>> "Starting
>>> a chapter").
>>> I hope to hear as much as possible opinions on this case, because we
>>> want
>>> to satisfy the requirements of CEE community as much as it's possible.
>>> If
>>> you have another proposals we would be glad to discuss them.
>>> Kind regards,
>>> Levon
>>> 2014-11-23 21:56 GMT+02:00 <aktron at centrum.cz>:
>>>> My fellow friends from the CEE Chapters,
>>>> We've been discussing the upcoming Kiev meeting in Wikimedia Czech
>>>> Republic in recent days. We will have our representative(s) that will
>>>> come
>>>> to the meeting. We've been also preparing some agenda for the meeting,
>>>> so
>>>> we will be able to share what we have, what is working well and also
>>>> what
>>>> is not and where we would like to learn something.
>>>> As far as I've understood the CEE meetings, it's more about sharing
>>>> experience, so we can learn from our successes or fails in order to
>>>> repeat
>>>> what was good and avoid what was not.
>>>> A month ago me and Vojtěch Dostál have outlined a long-term plan for
>>>> the
>>>> developement of Wikimedia Czech Republic. The plan, that I believe is
>>>> sound, would anticipate us joining the FDC in some reasonable future.
>>>> And
>>>> we have more challenges ahead of us that we'll have to address, like
>>>> perfecting our projects, working with more institutions etc. We would
>>>> also
>>>> like to share the experience we have with another projects we did, like
>>>> FČO. The impact of FČO is getting close to wikiexpeditions (as we could
>>>> have seen in the past) and so I believe that the international
>>>> community
>>>> should hear about it.
>>>> These are the issues that I believe our representative should discuss
>>>> in
>>>> Kiev. And FDC is the most important one ... The whole process have for
>>>> sure
>>>> significantly changed from 2013 when we tried to join it, and it is
>>>> something where we need to learn from more experienced ones... such as
>>>> Wikimedia Estonia or Wikimedia Serbia. There are many questions - like
>>>> the
>>>> voluneer time needed, the amound of effort that has to be invested, the
>>>> level of transparency (reporting) that should be done - and overall the
>>>> level of professionality we have to achieve before we'll be able to
>>>> push
>>>> our own professionalization process a bit more forward.
>>>> That is why we would like to have some discussion related to FDC on the
>>>> meeting. Having seen this being pulled from the conference is
>>>> understandable, yet I believed this might be highly important panel for
>>>> us
>>>> on that very meeting.
>>>> All I hope is that there will be some informal time during the session
>>>> to have this topic discussed.
>>>> All best
>>>> Jan Loužek - Aktron
>>>> Wikimedia Czech Republic
>>>> chairman
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