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On Sat, Nov 22, 2014 at 11:27 PM, Balázs Viczián <
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> Asaf,
> there is no "CEE identity crisis" here as there never was such a thing
> existing as a (single) "CEE identity".
Just as there is no single "African identity" shared from Morocco to South
> Africa to give a similar example.
> Nobody identifies themself as "Central-Eastern European". Rather Central
> European OR Eastern European (if needed).
I guess I was unclear: I did not suggest anyone identifies as "a CEEan".  I
meant _this group_ needs to _form_ an identity (i.e. not a crisis of some
existing identity, but a crisis of needing a shared identity if(!) this
group is to work together).

> Mykola,
> I have the same problem as Samat. My company is a retail company. Barely
> if any holiday is allowed during the christmas peak for anybody here.
> The invitation has been shared with all WMHU members and travel support
> offered. I hope as well that there will be someone attending from Hungary.
> (As Samat said, it could be shared  on the general mailing list and on the
> village pump)
Yes, it could.  Would you or Samat perhaps do the honors?  I think you two
would be more effective than the rest of us in posting at those venues... :)

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