[WMCEE-l] An important moment for CEE

Asaf Bartov abartov at wikimedia.org
Sat Nov 22 16:03:16 CET 2014

Dear colleagues,

*This is an important moment for CEE.  Your action or inaction will
determine the future of CEE.*
After much inactivity _as_ a regional forum (all of you are busy and active
in your respective countries, of course), our colleagues from Ukraine have
taken the initiative and are doing the work of organizing an event for CEE
to share knowledge and form plans together.

The most active thread on this list in recent memory was one questioning
the value and sense in even having this forum, and I think it is right to
question it (though I think the answer is truly far from clear).  This, to
me, means that CEE is facing an "identity crisis" -- different people have
different ideas about what it is good for (or not), and what they expect
out of it, and in particular who they expect to lead or take action
(generally Someone Else™).

This also puts in question continued funding for these meetings (but this
could be replaced by other activities, like smaller-region gatherings, or
more thematic gatherings).

Given the generally low level of energy on this list, it is quite possible
the WMF would give up on the idea of supporting this forum as a useful

*This is your chance* to engage in meaningful activity, on Meta, around the
conference program (see below), to ensure we make the most of this
(possibly last) opportunity in this forum.  This would also be a good
opportunity to settle the CEE identity question and coordinate expectations
and roles better.

Let's make it useful, relevant. and impactful.  *It can't happen without
your participation.*

I look forward to meeting you in Kyiv.


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Subject: [WMCEE-l] CEE Meeting preparation update
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Hi all,

An update concerning CEEM-2014 preparation.

1)We have put (almost) all information on Meta, you are welcome to visit
https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_CEE_Meeting_2014 and comment on
it on talk pages

2) The draft of conference programme (based on your sugestions) is also
published, you can check it on
https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_CEE_Meeting_2014/Programme .
Please feel free to add your name to the sessions where you want to make a
talk / presentation!

3) We have also submitted a grant request
https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Grants:PEG/WM_UA/CEE_Meeting_2014 ,
containing 20 scolarships for attendees as well as accomodation for 40
participants. Please feel free to endorse or comment on it.

Best regards,
Mykola Kozlenko aka NickK
Wikimedia Ukraine / CEEM team

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