[WMCEE-l] Video-recording of the sessions

Manuel Schneider manuel.schneider at wikimedia.ch
Sat Nov 22 13:14:10 CET 2014


Am 20.11.2014 18:30, schrieb Michal Matúšov:
> I think that would be useful to video-record the sessions, at least some
> of them. The last year we recorded nearly nothing, what is unused
> chance. For example Wikimania did good job about it.

I own some equipment to mix and record video, capture the projection
(splitting and converting VGA) and record audio. Some supplement
equipment can be borrowed from Wikimedia Deutschland.
In total these are three cameras with tripods, two mics, two audio
mixer, one SD (PC via DV) and one HD video mixer and recorder.

How much, when, where? It will need some budget, though (travel,
shipment, rent for HD mixer and recorder).

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